Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) 2025

Community inputs gathered for a white paper on the SRIA in 2025 contributing to the design of the next FP9. The Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) is the new strategic roadmap for the media technology research, development and innovation developed by New European Media (NEM) technology platform that accounts for both the evolution of technology as well as radical changes or ‘technology shocks’.

It aims to provide a guide to future actions in public and private funding programmes to ensure that research is adequately supported and funded.

New media is marked by the very fast evolution of its products and their components, which are subject to very short Research & Development (R&D) cycles. Dynamic, disruptive, and visionary are common adjectives applied to define how the evolution of media works.

As such, research efforts need to be based on a long-term programming approach that provides continuity across R&D efforts over next years. The SRIA proposes a mission oriented R&D development that will meet the societal and market needs, will maintain and extend the industrial leadership, will be aligned with the environment protection and the energy savings, and will ensure safety and security, while prioritising research, through innovation and education.

The NEM SRIA presents 7 chapters that gather the overall vision, the market trends, the user perspectives, the regulation and policy needs, the standardisation and the technology for most of the sectors where media has a principal position, a forecast of how the sector will look in 2022 and in 2025, and the NEM agreement on the research and innovation priorities and key enabling technologies.

A detailed roadmap for the period 2020/2022 has been included as well as a high level roadmap for the period 2020-2025. They provide some proposals aiming at providing a better understanding of the research priorities that have to be studied during these two periods

Looking to the next challenges in Europe regarding the Digitalisation of Industry and the Next Generation Internet, two specific chapters have been included in order to show the place and the potential contributions of media & content technologies within these important areas.

International cooperation is also a key topic for NEM sectors as far as there is a need to ensure compatibility and interoperability of technologies worldwide. It is also important to raise awareness outside of the European borders that the technologies developed in Europe are the best through pilots or experiments, which could help to prepare future business opportunities for European organisations.

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